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Why You Need to Know About Active vs. Filler Ingredients in Skincare

As well as sharing the stories behind each of our unique ingredients, at Mazillo we want to share the information you need to confidently make your own conscious purchases. 

We’ve looked at liquid microplastics, natural vs. synthetic ingredients, and today, we’re spotlighting two more ingredient categories you should know about: active vs. filler ingredients in skincare.

Read on to learn why Mazillo formulas are free from fillers and how choosing nutrient-rich products can save you money in the long run.

What are filler ingredients?

When you think of ‘fillers’ in the context of cosmetics, full lips and plump cheekbones might come to mind. That image isn’t too far off when it comes to filler ingredients. These are the components of skincare formulas that are included to create bulk and texture, rather than to improve the product's performance.

They’re not inherently bad, let’s get that out of the way first. The problem is that they often take up a lot of the product you’re paying for, without contributing to the results you’re paying to get.

Water, for example, is the no.1 filler ingredient that you’ll see on the majority of skincare labels. The first five ingredients on a label make up 80% of the formula, so if you spot it at the start of the list, you know it’s taking up a lot of space.

Researchers even suggest that cream formulas can be 60-85% water, lotions up to 90%, and shower gel or shampoos up to 95%. Considering that the average consumer spends £450 on beauty products a year, that’s a lot of money for a lot of water!

What are active ingredients in skincare?

Definitions of ‘active ingredients’ vary, but the term can be used to refer to the ingredients in formulas that have a research-backed benefit for being there.

If you buy a product to moisturize, you expect it to contain active ingredients that have been found to hydrate the skin, if you buy an acne treatment, you expect it to have active ingredients that have been found to reduce acne, and so on.

Put simply, where filler ingredients simply fill up the product, active ingredients do the work.

Why should I invest in active ingredients?

Shopping for products that use mainly, or entirely, active ingredients will save you money in the long run.

This might seem counterintuitive as, initially, they seem a lot more expensive than cheaper options diluted with water and other filler ingredients. But when you invest in a highly concentrated formula, a little goes a long way and the product will last a lot longer.

Minimal filler ingredients also mean maximum benefits from every bottle. The carefully chosen combination of ingredients work together to target your skincare concern. There are no space-wasters – everything is there to do a job.

And in turn, this means you’ll see (and feel!) the difference faster. It’s a case of choosing quality over quantity: formulas with minimal fillers are stronger, more efficient, and don’t require a lengthy and complicated routine.

As a customer said about our Purify + Nourish Mask, you can feel the ingredients working. 

Mazillo: skincare you can feel working

When you pick up a Mazillo product, you can trust that every ingredient on the label has a reason for being there. Inspired by ancient wisdom and backed by modern science, we’re confident all of our ingredients directly benefit the skin.    

There are no fillers – not even plain water – just nutrient-dense goodness.

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