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5 Sustainable Skincare Wins to Celebrate Earth Day 2023

When you’re searching for sustainable skincare, it’s easy to find yourself bogged down in scary statistics that can make your quest seem a little pointless. That’s why this Earth Day, we’re encouraging you to celebrate all the good stuff that’s going on in the industry instead.

From plastic-free packaging to reducing our carbon footprint, at Mazillo we’re doing all we can to leave as little environmental trace as possible. And we’re not alone. Driven by conscious consumers like you, there are many positive trends taking place. 

What you buy does make a difference, and hopefully, these 5 wins will make you feel proud to be buying better in 2023.

What is Earth Day 2023?

Earth Day is celebrated on April 22nd every year around the globe. It’s a day to reflect, acknowledge, and raise awareness of the environmental movement. Many businesses and organisations use it as a time to create actionable steps to protect the Earth’s natural resources.

This year’s theme is ‘‘invest in the planet’’. It’s about busting the myth that companies need to choose between going green and growing long-term profits. 

Why? Because those who invest in the planet are now seeing better profitability and, of course, if we don’t invest in the planet climate change is going to damage economies even more.

The theme also ties in with being a conscious consumer. By choosing high-quality products you can trust to work well and last a long-time, you’re investing in the planet too.


5 wins for sustainable skincare in 2023

With cheap throwaway products, a ‘more is more’ mentality, and ingredients imported from all over the world, skincare isn’t always eco-conscious. But according to this survey of over 10,000 US beauty consumers, 76% are now seeking sustainable and ethical products, leading an industry-wide shift.

Because of conscious buyers like you, trends have changed and cosmetics seems to be cleaning up its act. Let’s take a look at 5 industry wins already taking shape this year.

  1. The refill revolution is thriving

Are you part of the refillution? There are more and more skincare options that allow you to keep the packaging of your original product and refill it when you run out.

Research shows that refillable prestige beauty products in the UK increased 47% from January to the end of July in 2022. Sales of these products performed better than the total prestige beauty market, which suggests it’s only going to grow in 2023.

Let’s keep those bottles away from landfill!

  1. Cost-effectiveness is key

There’s no denying the cost of living crisis is being felt by many in 2023. With people being more thoughtful and frugal with money, choosing a few good products is key.

The upside? overconsumption is kept at bay.

For example, all our products at Mazillo are formulated using biotechnology to ensure effectiveness, are multifunctional, and fit together in an easy 5-step skincare routine. They’re free from fillers – including plain water – so they last much longer too.

Gone are the days of buying bottles and binning them a couple of weeks later. It’s about investing in quality over quantity now.

  1. Natural is back-in

Keeping it simple isn’t just about saving money, it’s the trending look of the year. 

According to Vogue Business, Gen-z doesn’t want a full face of specialised products, they want genderless hybrid products that get to work straight away and allow them to embrace their natural skin.

If it’s cool, cost-effective, and more sustainable to go for the natural look, then you can count us in. 

  1. Packaging is a priority

Every eco-conscious consumer knows excessive plastic packaging is a red flag. Luckily, finding innovative alternatives is a top priority for many skincare brands, and exciting alternatives are emerging to make it easier than ever to avoid.

You can check out our guide to choosing plastic-free skincare with actionable steps to navigating plastic in and outside of beauty products.

  1. Ethical expectations are sky-high

Vanity and values both come into play when it comes to skincare shopping. It’s no longer just about good skin, but doing good too.

An article in Cosmetics Design Europe even explains that a brand that doesn’t participate positively in ethical and environmental activism,  won’t be able to participate in the industry at all.

In other words, sustainable skincare is slowly on its way to becoming the only kind of skincare people purchase.

Supporting your Sustainable Skincare Journey

Admittedly, we still have a long way to go until sustainable skincare is the norm. If these trends show anything, however, it’s that consumers can make a difference.

We hope our 5-step skincare routine supports your sustainable skincare journey this Earth Day.

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