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Who are we?

We are two Bulgarian girls with a mission. We spent all our lives between our beautiful homeland and the large capitals of the world. We’ve always missed one thing about modern society - the fact that it has disconnected from its natural origin and folklore. While science and innovation are steering our communities into the future, we still believe people are not appreciating and benefiting from the true genius of the past. And that’s the true beauty of Mazillo. A natural skincare powered by science, respecting the land we live on by embracing its unique traditions and diverse resources.


Our formulations

The kitchen is a very precious place for every grandma in Bulgaria. While growing up, that's where we would often watch our grandmothers mix up herbs they picked up from the nearest forest, prepare face and hair masks using eggs, yoghurt, clays and different heavenly smelling oils. And that is also when we first learnt about the great power of ancient local beauty routines. The skincare recipes passed to us by previous generations are our biggest inspiration for creating the Mazillo formulations and that is also what makes them truly unique!


We wanted to go back to our roots and revive the history and folklore of our beautiful homeland Bulgaria. While doing that, we’ve taken our grandmother’s recipes and ingredients to a new level, using plant stem cells in our products. Developed by a group of Bulgarian scientists, this innovation is the secret sauce that makes the Samodiva’s Ethereal Youth™ range so special. And all was possible using natural ingredients from local producers and farmsteads to create a modern skincare that has passed the test of time.


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What does the word ‘Mazillo’ mean?

[mazillo] - quite simply the Bulgarian term for 'ointment'; anything at all that can be used to improve the health of your skin

Our mission

To bring tradition into the 21st century while giving back to the source of knowledge.

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Our definition of natural

Any formulation or ingredient composed of plant, mineral or marine vegetation which is unprocessed (in its raw form) or has gone through biological processes such as fermentation, cold-processing or distillation.


Bulgaria’s rich history & biodiversity

We are blessed to be born in Bulgaria, a country with rich history, culture and diverse natural resources. In fact, Bulgaria is the oldest country in Europe and has been home to numerous ancient civilizations throughout history. Bulgaria was the first European land that the Proto-Europeans passed through. They left lots of ancient knowledge and seeded the cultural backbone of our lands. The unique biodiversity of the Bulgarian lands was even noted by Herodotus (5th century BC), who said that in the lands inhabited by the Thracian tribes "roses grew by themselves, which in fragrance surpassed all other species on earth."


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The mystic Thracians left us many artefacts, religious temples and the legend for the birth of Orpheus flower from the tears Orpheus shed upon the Rhodope mountains. During the apogee of the greek and roman civilizations, local people also gained the knowledge about the medicinal properties of plants such as calendula, chamomile and the rare immortelle. Finally, when our Bulgar ancestors came to the lands, they brought further knowledge of how to use a variety of local plants for remedies.


This rich folklore and tradition has guided us in the choice of the Mazillo ingredients, some of which can only be found on Bulgarian lands. Our formulations are natural, vegan, cruelty-free and we are proud to be manufacturing all Mazillo products ourselves in our own manufacturing facility, based in Bulgaria. 


So what makes Mazillo unique?

It’s how we look backwards to move forwards. We keep our feet firmly planted in tradition and respect for our homeland, with our arms wide open to embrace new and exciting developments. Join us in bringing tradition into the 21st century with our traditional skincare backed by science.






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