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Meet the Mazillo Girls

We are two best friends bringing ancient skincare remedies to the twenty-first century, with innovative formulas led by nature and backed by science.


At Mazillo, we look backward to move forwards. We keep our feet firmly planted in tradition and respect for our homeland, with our arms wide open to embrace new and exciting developments.

100% natural, cruelty-free, and vegan formulas, free from any fillers.
With plant-stem cell technology, we teach your skin to care for you. 


It takes two little girls…

In 1996, we (Mihaela and Yoana) met and instantly became inseparable. 

We travelled, studied, and lived abroad, but a part of our hearts always stayed in our beautiful homeland – Bulgaria.

Fast forward a few decades and we are still glued at the hip, building a business by doing everything in-house.


…our grandmothers’ kitchen secrets

We grew up together watching our grandmothers pick herbs and plants and whip-up skincare remedies in their kitchens.

We learned the great power of natural ingredients and beauty routines that have passed the test of time. 

This is when our dream started – to share our rich heritage with the rest of the world.


…the legends of our homeland

Bulgaria has been home to various ancient civilisations who have left behind myths, legends, and knowledge of the land. 

This rich folklore and tradition guide Mazillo’s unique choice of ingredients, some of which can only be found in Bulgaria such as Orpheus flower, Mursalski tea or the famous Bulgarian rose.


& innovative plant stem cell technology…

To take these beloved botanicals to a new level, we use plant stem cells developed by a group of Bulgarian scientists.

Research shows that the stem cells in plants stimulate better cell turnover, repairing skin that has been exposed to harmful environmental factors.

Blended into potent and effective formulas, they’ll make your skin glow like the Samodivas – Bulgaria’s mythical ethereal nymphs.

To bring you science-backed skincare that has passed the test of time




Our promise to you

To use only locally and ethically sourced ingredients
To create 100% natural formulas
To be completely cruelty-free & vegan
To commit to sustainability every step of the way
To make products suitable for all skin types
To create products that deliver real results






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