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How To Care For Sensitive Skin: A Guide To Gentle Cleansing

Caring for sensitive skin can be tricky. You need to identify the cause, take cautionary steps, and find a routine that treats your skin’s unique needs.

If your skin is easily irritated, it can be daunting to risk another new product that may cause a flare-up. That’s why we’ve created this guide, so you have all the tools you need to create a gentle cleansing routine that treats (not triggers) your sensitive skin.

How do I know if I have sensitive skin?

If your skin reacts to certain things that other peoples’ skin doesn’t usually react to, you likely have sensitive skin. Think of it like your skin having an especially short temper.

It can look different for everyone, and may involve:

  • Blisters
  • Bumps
  • Scaly skin
  • Cracked skin
  • Discoloured patches
  • Dry skin
  • Itchy skin
  • Redness

Skin sensitivity can affect the whole body, but it’s usually the face that takes the brunt of it. Not very convenient when it’s the skin we have most on show!

What causes sensitive skin?

The main causes of sensitive skin include:

  • Contact dermatitis, an allergic reaction caused by contact with an irritating substance.
  • Environmental factors, like air conditioning and central heating, overexposure to wind, cold air, the sun, and pollution.
  • An overactive immune system
  • Skin conditions like atopic dermatitis (eczema) or rosacea (facial redness).
  • Over-cleansing or over-exfoliating can strip the skin of natural oils and cause the skin barrier to weaken. 
  • Hormonal fluctuations such as during your menstrual cycle.
  • Harsh ingredients such as those listed below. 

You might wish to see a dermatologist to pinpoint the cause. If you suspect your skin condition is part of an allergic response, especially if it occurs alongside other symptoms, you should consult a doctor.  

Some of these factors are easier to prevent than others, but they all can benefit by being conscious about the products you’re using on your skin.  After all, like sensitive humans, sensitive skin needs gentle care.

How do I care for sensitive skin? 10 quick tips

Firstly, identify what might be making your skin angry.  

Have you always had more sensitive skin?

 Is your skin more easily irritated in certain conditions?

Are you wearing new jewellery?

What have you washed your sheets and clothes with?

What skincare products are you currently using? Are they new? What ingredients are in them?

This can help you identify what actions you can take to comfort it.

If it’s easy to get rid of, like a cheap piece of jewellery or a heavily fragranced laundry detergent, you know what to do.  If the trigger is harder to spot, you can:

  1.   Take a break from exfoliating
  2.    If possible, switch off your central heating or air-con at night
  3.    Drink plenty of water
  4.    Use a humidifier
  5.    Check your skincare doesn’t use harsh synthetic ingredients (hint: if the ingredient list is long and looks like gibberish it probably does)
  6.    Use gentle, fragrance-free laundry detergent.
  7.    Use gentle skincare products with natural ingredients
  8.    Use a shaving cream or gel
  9.    Avoid long and steamy showers
  10.    Pat yourself dry after washing your face or showering (instead of scrubbing and subbing) 

Our number one sensitive skin tip is to always do a patch test before you use any new product. 

Apply a small amount to a hidden area of your skin and leave it for at least one day before making it part of your routine. Tread carefully – remember sensitive skin is short-tempered skin.

Gentle cleansing for sensitive skin: 5 natural ingredients you can trust

Cleansing is the step that even the most stripped-down of skincare routines feature. When it comes to caring for sensitive skin, this is the step you want to get right first.

Our Gentle Cleansing Oil is formulated to be kind to every kind of skin. It contains only natural and gentle ingredients, including these 5 sensitive-skin superheroes:

  • Hazelnut oil
  • Contains over 90% polyunsaturated fatty acids, particularly suitable for sensitive and acne-prone skin. It’s a natural antioxidant that protects and soothes the skin from harmful environmental factors.

  • Hemp seed oil
  • One of the most nourishing oils for the skin. It helps rebalance the skin’s microbiome and calm inflammation.

  •  Linseed oil
  • This oil is incredibly rich in fatty acids. Thanks to its moisturising properties, it’s effective on dry and sensitive skin, and it can help soothe skin irritations quickly.

  •  Apricot kernel oil
  • This deeply moisturising oil is especially suitable for delicate, sensitive, and dehydrated skin. Its antibacterial properties help fight various skin inflammations and redness.  

  • Raspberry seed oil
  • Another incredibly gentle ingredient, raspberry seed provides natural protection from UVB and UVA and keeps aging skin healthy.

    You can combine our Gentle Cleansing Oil with our Regenerate + Protect Essence Toner for an effective double cleansing routine suitable for sensitive skin. And, especially if dry skin is a problem for you, always follow with a moisturiser.

    We recommend cleansing no more than twice a day, morning, and evening, or just in the evening if your skin is especially sensitive.  

    Key takeaway

    The first step to caring for sensitive skin is to identify the cause. If it’s something you can easily get rid of or switch, then you’re halfway there already.

    Since cleansing is the number one step in most skincare routines, you want to make sure your cleanser isn’t irritating your skin.  Mazillo’s Gentle Cleansing Oil is specially formulated to care for every skin type and includes natural ingredients for sensitive skin you can trust. 

    With a bit of tender loving care, we hope we can help you soothe your sensitive skin.

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