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Spring Clean: How To Simplify Your Skincare Routine And Stick to It

From clearing your shelves to picking the best product, simplify your skincare routine this spring and enjoy the goodness of a clutter-free life.

At Mazillo, we believe in savouring a slow and simple life. Instead of bombarding you with endless new and niche products, we simply highlight the goodness in our complete 5-step skincare range. 

And since Spring is a time to declutter and refresh in all areas of your life, we’re giving you a quick guide on how to clear, clean, and simplify your skincare routine - and stick to it!

Ready to refresh your shelves?

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Why simplify your skincare routine?

When products boast a long and complicated ingredient list, full of filler ingredients and synthetic chemicals, it can be hard to decipher what’s doing what. 

You might experience irritation or dryness, but which ingredient on the list caused it? How do you know to avoid it next time? On the flipside, there might be ingredients that work well for your skin but their effects are diluted by filler ingredients like water. 

Simplifying your skincare routine puts the control back in your hands. With full transparency, you know what you’re putting on your precious skin. 

It’s also more sustainable. Using fewer cuts down your beauty miles (the added emissions from transporting all the ingredients and products in your beauty routine) and the number of plastic bottles on your shelf. 

Investing in fewer, high-quality products, is better value for money, better for the planet, and better for your skin. Simple wins!

Step 1: Declutter 

It might be tempting to completely clear your shelf, but to avoid being wasteful, only get rid of products that:

  1. are empty
  2. are out of date
  3. irritate your skin, and can’t be donated to someone else. 

Otherwise, use them until the last drop! 

Then consider which of these products are completely necessary and have a noticeable, positive effect on your skin. 

Focus on what categories are essential for you, like cleansing, toning, moisturising, and if you like a deeper cleanse, a face mask. 

Step 2: Deep clean 

It’s time for the classic spring clean! Once you’ve cleared out the empties, deep clean your shelf down with a natural cleaning product so you have a clean and fresh space to store your products.

Most products (like ours!) are best stored in a clean and dry space, where the temperature doesn’t fluctuate too much, so if you store yours right by the shower you might want to pick a new spot. Check out our complete guide for storing skincare for tips. 

Also use this opportunity to wash any tools, like brushes, and face cloths. 

Model benefits for skin Facial Oil

Step 3: Streamline your skincare routine 

Now, let’s refine your routine. To know what products to choose, consider…

  • Your skin type - avoid using products that might not benefit your specific skin type, for example, if you have sensitive skin, an exfoliator is likely to do more harm than good.
  • Multi-functional products - opt for products that serve multiple purposes, for example, a moisturiser with SPF, or a hydrating and protective toner. 
  • High-quality products - as the cliche goes, choose quality over quantity. Invest in well-formulated products by transparent brands, with concentrated and effective formulas.

To keep it as simple as possible, we created all our products to fit into a streamlined 5-step routine suitable for all skin types. 

Step 4: Stick to it!

Yay, you’ve got your simple skincare routine mastered! The challenge now is to stick to it, not just for Spring, but for all the seasons. 

Here are some ways to help make habits stick, so your skin can reap the rewards of a consistent routine

  • Avoid impulse buys - if you come across a new product that seems like a must-have, learn more about the brand, the ingredient list, and the research behind it to know if it’s really worth adding to your routine.
  • Have travel bottles ready - to avoid chopping and changing your routine when you travel, invest in reusable 30ml travel bottles so you can transfer your products and take your simplified routine with you. 
  • Track your progress - document your skin, so you can see the products working over time and are more motivated to stick with your routine, rather than switch it up for the promise of an instant fix. 

We hope this post has inspired you to spring clean and simplify your skincare routine, so you can relish in a mindful and consistent approach to your daily routines.

It might start with skincare, but who knows, maybe slowness and simplicity is an approach you take into other areas of your life too!

Model skin benefits Gentle Cleansing Oil

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