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3 Unrealistic Beauty Standards We Should All Leave Behind This Year

Say goodbye to unattainable beauty standards and join us in breaking free from unrealistic skincare expectations to embrace beauty in all its forms.

Airbrushed perfection and unattainable beauty standards are so last year (or even last decade), it's time to break free and embrace authenticity. In our last post, we explored the beauty trends we can expect to see in 2024, and in this post, we’ll be doing the exact opposite: diving into the beauty standards we need to leave in the past.

We’ll shine a spotlight on 3 unrealistic beauty standards surrounding skincare that we think should be left behind this year. We'll explore why these norms are harmful and how they’ve been perpetuated, and share practical tips to celebrate diversity, inclusivity, and self-acceptance instead.

It’s 2024 – it’s time to finally start celebrating what makes us unique and ditch the outdated and unrealistic expectations that have plagued us for far too long! Whether it's baring our natural skin, embracing imperfections, or celebrating aging, at Mazillo, we believe in championing beauty in all its forms.

Join us as we challenge the norm and break free from these beauty standards!

Model applying cleansing oil

2023 Beauty Standard statistics

With more brands embracing diversity, you might think beauty standards lost their grip this year. Unfortunately, according to these statistics, they still affect many of us.

  • 56% of women surveyed are dissatisfied with their overall appearance
  • 80% of women surveyed say the beauty industry affects their self-esteem
  • 1 in 5 UK adults feel ugly without makeup

Source: GitNux Market Data Report 2023

That’s not to say things aren’t getting better, it just might take more work than we think.

Together, we can fight unrealistic beauty standards and empower each other to embrace realistic definitions of beauty. And it can start with these 3…

3 Beauty standards to leave in the past

  1. Beauty Standard: Ageless skin

Yep, we’re still not rid of this beauty myth. The prevalence of younger women cast in main roles on screen, and the continued influx of anti-aging marketing, feeds the cultural idea that you need to stay young to stay beautiful.

In 2023, Sarah Jessica Parker had the perfect response to this unrealistic standard:

It almost feels as if people don’t want us to be perfectly OK with where we are, as if they almost enjoy us being pained by who we are today…I know what I look like. I have no choice. What am I going to do about it? Stop aging? Disappear?

Ageless skin is illogical and impossible. It’s a standard we need to leave behind. 

Solution: Celebrating and caring for the aging process

To resist this beauty standard, dare to embrace aging skin. 

At Mazillo, we know the older you get, the more delicate your skin becomes, and so our focus is on caring for it, rather than shaming it. Our Samodiva Ethereal Youth™ range contains plant stem cells that visibly repair and rejuvenate skin that has been damaged or exposed to harmful environmental factors. 

It won’t magically make you look 21 again, but it will protect and preserve your skin’s health as you age.

  1. Beauty standard: Glass skin

Have you heard of the ‘glass skin’ trend? It’s a Korean beauty trend that recently made its way into the Western world, and sadly, added another unrealistic beauty standard to the list.

Glass skin describes smooth, even, textureless skin. Glass skin has no pores. No hair. No variety in tone. No blemishes. No scars. So basically, no life. It’s easy to see how it’s an impossible standard.

While Korea is admittedly well renowned for its excellent skincare, those looking for ‘glass skin’ fast might turn to quick-fix solutions that aren’t the best for your skin health. For example, over-exfoliating and using harsh synthetic ingredients.  

Solution: Accepting that skin has texture and focusing on long-term skin health 

Instead of aiming for glass-like skin stripped of all signs of life, aim for your version of healthy skin. 

This will look different for each person and is more achievable when you look for products that go deeper, caring for your skin at a cellular level, rather than a surface-level quick fix. For example, our products contain plant-stem cells which repair and protect the skin’s cell barrier, improving your skin’s health in the long run.

Model applying Replenishing Moisuriser

  1. Beauty standard: You need to spend hours on your routine 

The ‘everything shower’ is a term that emerged in 2023 to describe the kind of showers where you pamper, well, everything. It’s not a body shower, it’s not a quick hair wash, it’s a full routine executed under the warm water.

We like the concept, don’t get us wrong, but we do think it’s been taken too far on social media, encouraging us to buy a lot more products than we need (as well as use an unsustainable amount of water!).  

Not to mention, a lot of people, even luxury beauty lovers, simply don’t have the time to spend an hour in the bathroom. Oils, scrubs, razors, gels, lotions, scrubbing, trimming, lathering…it’s too much!

Solution: Find an effective and efficient routine with active products

If finding time and space for an ‘everything shower’ is looking impossible, fear not. Scrap this beauty standard and instead stick to a high-quality and effective routine that contains multi-functional products packed with active ingredients.

We believe a minimalist routine, with maximal results, is the most realistic and sustainable choice. That’s why we designed all our products to fit into a full 5-step skincare routine.

Mazillo is a skincare company that cares for more than just your skin. We aim to empower you to feel confident to embrace your natural beauty this year, and for years to come.

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