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Innovative Skincare Science: How We’re Using Biotechnology to Save your Skin and the Planet

Here at Mazillo, we believe traditional remedies and modern skincare science can be combined to create effective formulas that have passed the test of time. 

It’s this core mission that drives us to source natural ingredients locally, whilst keeping a close tab on cutting-edge innovations that take these botanicals to a new level.

In this post, we’ll give you a quick intro to biotechnology and plant-stem cell technology – the secret sauce that makes our products work so well, without harming the planet!

What is biotechnology?

We admit the term looks long and scary, but put simply, biotechnology is just technology that utilizes biological systems (aka parts of living organisms, like microorganisms or plants) to create different products.

What is biotechnology skincare?

Biotechnology in skincare, then, is the fusion of natural ingredients and lab technology to create high-quality and high-performance ingredients that target specific skin needs.

Biotech skincare ingredients differ from synthetic or artificial skincare ingredients. Rather than producing an artificial version of natural ingredients, biotechnology involves isolating a natural living element – such as plant stem cells - and replicating it.

It’s not about changing nature’s resources, but using them to their full potential by growing and reproducing them.

Plant-stem cell technology

At Mazillo, we use biotechnology to make the most of the rich natural resources of our homeland, Bulgaria. How? By extracting plant stem cells that assist your skin’s natural repair and renewal processes.

Let’s break that down.

Our ingredients are inspired by the natural remedies our ancestors have used for years. The legendary Bulgarian Rose is grown in the famous Bulgarian Valley of Roses, the Orpheus Flower was cherished by the first civilization on the Balkan Peninsula, and Calendula has been a favourite ingredient in cosmetics since the times of Cleopatra. By extracting the stem cells from these plants, we can make full use of their skin-perfecting potential.

The stem cells in plants have a robust mechanism that not only repairs damaged tissue but develop a completely new plant. Studies have shown that this regeneration process can work on your skin. As they stimulate better cell turnover, plant stem cells repair and rejuvenate skin that has been damaged or exposed to harmful environmental factors. 

Our supplier found that the biotech they use to extract and create Bulgarian Rose stem cells doubles the amino acids and organic acids, and considerably increases in sterols, they contain. The result is an active ingredient that protects the skin from environmental pollution, reduces acne, impurities, and redness, and promotes a healthier skin microbiome. 

For the Orpheus Flower, they ran a study of a cream containing 1% of their plant stem cells vs a placebo. The results showed that the elevated ingredient had a pronounced effect on skin aging through increased elasticity. It also improved the skin’s radiance and hydration, as well as decreased pigmentation. 

And for Calendula, they found that by using biotechnology they’re able to enhance phytochemical components responsible for Calendula's multiple cosmetic properties, resulting in a concentrated, rich, and potent ingredient. 

And that’s just a few of the active ingredients we use!


Skincare Science: A sustainable solution

The beauty of biotech ingredients is that they’re both naturally grown and lab-developed; a perfect middle ground for creating sustainable skincare.

Our natural ingredients are sourced locally, keeping our beauty miles down. They’re free from pesticides and toxic substances and are completely biodegradable.

By extracting and replicating plant stem cells in a lab, we’re able to maximize these natural ingredients and create our nutrient-dense and filler-free formulas that work straight-away on your skin. 

There’s no need to harvest lots of ingredients, no waste, AND no need for a million products. Just highly effective formulas that marry nature and science. That’s why we love biotechnology at Mazillo.

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