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What Makes Mazillo Unique? Traditional Skincare Backed by Science

If you had to choose between a skincare secret passed down through generations, or a modern method backed by science, which one would you go for?

That’s a trick question. We know it’s impossible to choose between the two.  

At Mazillo, we believe ancient traditions and innovation don’t need to exist in isolation. Our skincare combines tried and tested ingredients with cutting-edge practices, to create modern skincare that has passed the test of time.

We’re folklore-inspired, led by nature, and informed by science. From the myths and methods of our homeland to expansive research in skincare, read on to see what makes Mazillo so unique…

Traditional Skincare

Did you know our home country, Bulgaria, is the oldest country in Europe?

Established in the 7th century, it has been home to various ancient civilisations. For example, the mystic Thracians, who left behind many artefacts, religious temples, and knowledge of the land. 

The Valley of Roses, a region just south of the Balkan Mountains, was home to the Thracian kings. Now an attractive tourist destination, it’s famous for its rose-growing industry which produces close to half of the world’s rose oil.

During the height of the Greek and Roman civilizations, local people also learnt about the medicinal properties of plants such as calendula, chamomile, and rare immortelle. When our Bulgar ancestors finally came to the lands, they brought further knowledge of how to use a variety of local plants for remedies. 

Lessons from the past exist on a smaller scale too, in the ‘classroom’ of our very own kitchens. Growing up, we watched our grandmothers mix up herbs picked from the nearest forest, prepare face and hair masks using eggs, yoghurt, clays, and different smells. They taught us about the great power of natural ingredients and local beauty routines. 

Our products honour the skincare recipes passed on to us by previous generations and continue these ancient traditions. 

Legends of the land

With ancient wisdom, comes exciting myths and legends. Our folklore-inspired skincare draws on these stories to create an experience that brings you closer to the rich culture of our homeland.

You may have noticed our two ranges have ‘Samodiva’ in the name. In Bulgarian folklore, the Samodiva are female woodland nymphs. They’re eternally young, unearthly beautiful, and free-spirited creatures. Dwelling in forests, lakes, and mountain woods, these magical beings are said to make men fall instantly in love.


We love the Thracian tale of the birth of the Orpheus flower too. Legend has it that this flower was born from the tears of Orpheus, the gifted child of Apollo and the muse Calliope. It’s said he could charm animals and make trees dance. When he lost his beloved wife Eurydice to the underworld, he cried upon the Rhodope mountains. Where his tears fell, a beautiful purple flower grew in its place.

This unique plant still thrives in Bulgaria today. Sometimes labelled the ‘Resurrection Flower’, it can survive complete dehydration for up to 31 months and, with a single drop of water, return to its luscious green state. It’s believed to have survived over 20 million years.

But what spell bounding magic can skincare based on these stories provide?

Local Ingredients

It’s our local ingredients that bring these legends to life. Just under 90% of our formulations are made with ingredients grown in our country, including Bulgarian rose and the Orpheus flower.

The tomato seed oil in our Facial Oil is extracted from native tomatoes, a fruit that has been and is still an integral part of Bulgarian life and cuisine. It has a worthy place on our skincare menu, as it prevents premature ageing and revitalises the skin. 

The Bulgarian clay we use in our face mask is another ingredient that has well and truly stood the test of time. Natural and ecologically pure, this miracle substance has more than 1000 years of history which starts with the beginning of mankind. Brown Bulgarian clay has irreplaceable regenerating and moisturising properties that quickly soften the skin.

Local ingredients

Some of our ingredients are even exclusive to Bulgaria, for example Mursalski, or Shepard’s tea, which we use in our Regenerate + Protect Essence Toner. The herbaceous plant grows in the Pirin Mountains at an altitude of about 2000 metres above sea level thanks to the rare climate and soil in the region. This ingredient has traditionally been used to fight common colds, flu, and other allergies, but we love it for its powerful antioxidants and anti-ageing properties.

Just as ancient wisdom was passed on to us, we want to be able to pass on nature’s resources to future generations too. Using local ingredients keeps tradition at the heart of our products and ensures the process stays local, reducing our carbon footprint and protecting the planet for future generations. 

Science-backed skincare

By appreciating the true genius of the past, we can innovate and steer our communities into the future. This is supported by studies that have shown the healing power of Bulgarian plants, confirming our ancestors’ wisdom.

Now you’ve been inspired by our history lesson and enchanted by our mystical tales, it’s time to introduce the science side to our skincare.

Our Secret sauce: plant stem cells 

We’ve taken our grandmother’s ingredients to a new level, using plant stem cells in our products. Derived by a group of Bulgarian scientists, this innovation is the secret sauce that makes Samodiva’s Ethereal Youth™ range so special.

Now, you may be thinking ‘why are plant cells precious?’

Well, the stem cells in plants have a robust mechanism that not only repairs damaged tissue but develops a completely new plant. This regeneration process can work on your skin. As they stimulate better cell turnover, plant stem cells repair and rejuvenate skin that has been damaged or exposed to harmful environmental factors. 

Every type of plant stem cell has its own unique benefits. 

Remember the legend of the Orpheus flower? Its stem cells have a proven skin lifting effect and decrease pigmentation. They also contain an active component called Myconoside, which stimulates collagen to help improve the skin’s elasticity. They can be found in our Replenishing Moisturiser. 

Orpheus Flower

And to return to the beautiful Rose Valley, Bulgarian rose stem cells protect the skin from environmental pollution. They fight acne, impurities, and redness. By promoting a healthy skin microbiome, the ecosystem of bacteria on the skin’s surface, they make for brighter and smoother skin. That’s why we use them in our Purify + Nourish Face Mask.

The ancient Greeks and Romans taught us the medicinal properties of the herbaceous calendula plant, and we’ve built on their knowledge using calendula stem cells in our Essence Toner. It has outstanding skin regeneration, deep hydration, and smoothing effects.

Maybe the Samodiva aren’t so magical after all. Informed by history and helped by science, the plant stem cells in our skincare have you looking youthful and radiant, just like the ethereal nymphs.

Bringing tradition to the 21st century

So what makes Mazillo unique? It’s how we look backwards to move forwards. We keep our feet firmly planted in tradition and respect for our homeland, with our arms wide open to embrace new and exciting developments.  

Follow us on Instagram and see more about how we bring tradition to the 21st century with our traditional skincare backed by science.

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