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9 Must-Listen Self-Care Podcasts for Skincare, Wellness, and Mindfulness Tips

Tune into these self-care podcasts for skincare, wellness, and mindfulness guidance. Enhance your glow, inside and out, through inspiring stories and practical insights.

At Mazillo, we believe healthy skin is one part of the bigger picture: a happy, healthy, and glowing mind and body! If you’re in need of some self-care inspiration that goes beyond your skincare routine, you’re in the right place.

In this blog, we’ve put together these must-listen self-care podcasts that will provide you with all the skincare, wellness, and mindfulness tips you need.

Whether you're looking to achieve a healthy glow or you're seeking ways to improve your overall well-being, these podcasts are packed with practical advice and inspiration. Put your headphones on, and let’s get to it.


  • Skincare podcasts for natural beauty advice 
  • Wellness podcasts to support your mind and body 
  • Mindfulness podcasts so you can relax and refresh

Skincare podcasts for natural beauty advice

  1.   Green Beauty Conversations

Founded by Formula Botanica, a leading formulation school for natural beauty products, this podcast focuses on sustainability topics that will challenge the way you think about the  industry. We loved the episode on Microplastics in cosmetics so much that we wrote a blog post about it!

  1.   Breaking Beauty

Each week, long-time beauty editors Jill Dunn and Carlene Higgins discuss breakthrough products and people in the beauty industry. With their vast experience, you can trust them to decide what’s worth the hype and what’s a waste of money.

  1.   The Science of Beauty

This beauty podcast is perfect for skincare nerds. Allure’s editor-in-chief, Michelle Lee, and executive beauty editor, Jenny Bailly, ask their burning beauty questions and get the answers straight from dermatologists and chemists.

Face Mask Model

Wellness Podcasts to support your mind and body

  1.   Feel Better, Live More

The name says it all – if you’re looking for medical insight on how to live a happier and healthier life, this podcast by Dr Rangan Chatterjee is the place to start. Episodes explore new ideas and insights on healthy living, whilst sharing essential knowledge on mental health, movement, and sleep.

  1.   The Food Medic

The wellness world is full of jargon, contradictory advice, and confusion. In The Food Medic, Dr. Hazel Wallace cuts through the noise and delves into trending topics on diet culture, nutrition, hormones, and more. She takes a science-backed approach but makes it simple.

  1.   Wellness with Ella

Ella Mills, aka Deliciously Ella, takes the term ‘holistic’ seriously. Whether it’s happiness tips from a monk, the tale of finding purpose from a reality TV star, or advice on balancing blood sugar from a social media activist, this podcast certainly has it all.

Mindfulness podcasts so you can relax and refresh

  1.   Ten Percent Happier

Based on the principle that each day you can do something that makes you that little bit happier and calmer, in this podcast journalist and author Dan Harris shares the profound effect meditation has had for him personally. He talks with meditation teachers and scientists on how you can reap the same benefits.

  1.   Mindfulness Mode

Do you have burning questions about what mindfulness is, and what it can do? This is the podcast for you. Each episode shares scientific insight and practical advice to help you bring more mindful moments into your life.

  1.   Radio Headspace

Step away from your busy thoughts, and tune into this podcast every weekday morning. In each episode, a mindfulness teacher from Headspace shares a brief reflection on the human condition and offers a gentle pause in your daily life.

Model applying Replenishing Moisturiser

Ready to start prioritising self-care with these podcasts?

Podcasts are a convenient way to get a self-care boost on the go, as well as a relaxing option for tuning out to the outside world and tuning into a calming conversation.

While they’re a great resource for your self-care toolkit, they’re not the only option. You might find books, apps, workshops, and therapy work best for you – or a mixture of them all!

Listen to your mind and body to find what works for you and if you have a self-care tip everyone needs to hear about, share it in the comments below!

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