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5 Solo Date Ideas to Show Yourself Love This Valentine's Day

We love Valentine’s Day here at Mazillo. It’s a time to celebrate the warm fussy feelings you get around the people that mean the most to you, be it your partner, family, or friends. It’s also a time to be wined, dined, and shown some love, so why not spend it with your most important relationship? Yourself!

Here’s why taking yourself on a solo is one of the most loving things you can do this valentine’s day, some solo date suggestions, and Valentine’s Day skincare to get your self-date off to a glowing start.

Why are solo dates important?

There’s no one you’ll spend more time with in your whole life than yourself. Let that sink in.

Inevitably, there’ll be times when there’s no one else around, and by learning to be A okay with this, you can find joy and peace in the solitude, rather than boredom and loneliness.

According to the therapy platform Better Help, spending time alone can help you learn more about your true self and what makes you happy, and in turn, improve the way you look after yourself. Research has even found that spending time by yourself can be beneficial for your creativity and work.

Now, that doesn’t just mean ignoring calls or plugging in your headphones – you can make alone time as fun, extra, and exciting as you want (and deserve).

5 solo date ideas

Stuck on what to do on a solo date? Here are five ways to make your ‘me time’ main character worthy.

  1.     Books and brekkie

Get up, grab a book, and take yourself out for a solo breakfast date. This peaceful start to the day is bound to make you fall even more in love with your own company.

  1.     Sunset spot

If a solo date night is more your thing, find a bar or beach with the perfect sunset view. Look at you in that golden hour glow!

  1.     Flowers and chocolates

You deserve to indulge in the traditional Valentine’s Day treats – take yourself to a market and buy a bouquet and a box of chocs!

  1.     Candle-lit dinner

Cooking for one often means something quick and easy, whereas making a meal to impress takes time, preparation, and perfect presentation. Why not give yourself your best work too, and put a little more effort into your meal?

  1.     Valentine’s Day skincare

Whether it’s a self-care day or pamper night, you can turn your solo date into a lesson in loving the skin you’re in.  Put on your silkiest, sexiest, or comfiest pyjamas and settle into our self-love skincare routine.

Begin with our Gentle Cleansing Oil to deeply yet gently cleanse your skin and replenish dryness brought on by harsh winter weather.

Light a candle, put on some gentle tunes, and follow off with our Purify + Nourish Face Mask with Bulgarian rose stem cells.

Finish off with our best-selling Replenishing Moisturiser. The lovingly lightweight formula is rich in active ingredients, for long-lasting hydration and protection.

 Discover a self-love saving with Mazillo

With our limited time offer, you get up to 30% off your order - a saving worth treating yourself to!

By choosing Mazillo, you’re supporting a vegan and sustainable brand, and so spreading the love you have for yourself into the wider world too.

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