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5 Inspirational Women who Changed the Beauty Industry for the Better

Mazillo is a proudly female-founded brand. We started as two inseparable little girls, in awe of the concoctions our grandmothers created in their kitchens, and grew into two equally inseparable women, taking these traditional skincare recipes and giving them a modern twist.

But we wouldn’t have been able to achieve our dream if it wasn’t for the many inspirational women who paved the way for us.

In honour of International Women’s Day 2023, let’s look at 5 inspirational women who changed the beauty industry and taught us how to build a skincare business that cares.

  1.     Ilon Spechlt told us we’re worth it

You’re likely familiar with L'Oreal's famous slogan ‘‘because you’re worth it’’, but what you might not know is that this short phrase had a huge feminist impact.

In 1973, 23-year-old copywriter Ilon Specht sat in a room of men twice her senior, coming up with beauty campaigns that clearly came from the male gaze. In a moment of anger, she wrote the famous message that emphasizes your appearance is for you and no one else.

Ilon’s message is an important reminder to love the skin you’re in.

  1.     Madam C.J Walker showed us how to be unstoppable 

In 90s America, when opportunities for black women were few and far between, Madam C.J Walker built a beauty empire that fought in the face of discrimination.

She started by developing and selling her own products, then trained women to become ‘beauty culturists’ by teaching them how to groom and style their hair.

Eventually, she owned a company with a factory, hair salon, and beauty school that trained women to have key management roles. We’re grateful for Walker’s entrepreneurial impact!

  1.     Deepica Mutyala made sure we didn’t leave anyone out

We believe beauty and skincare are for everyone, but we can’t shy away from the fact that some groups often get left out. That’s why we’re celebrating Deepica Mutyala, an Indian-born Texian who champions for inclusive beauty industry.

As well as her influential YouTube channel and Instagram, she launched Live Tinted in 2018, an empowering community for ‘‘all the shades in between’’.

  1.     Anita Roddick taught us that beauty starts with ethics

When Anita Roddick founded The Body Shop in 1976, she set out to create a business that did things differently. She wanted the people buying her products to also be making a positive impact, investing in values, and contributing to charities.

Through the vehicle of the beauty industry, she showed that business and philanthropy can be combined.  We’re inspired by Anita to make sustainability and ethics central to our brand.

  1.     Jecca Blac inspired us to think beyond binaries

Jecca Blac started her career by providing a safe space for transgender people to learn about makeup. From that, she built a brand based on the belief that make-up should be gender-free.

The brand hosts makeovers at the London Transgender Clinic and a portion of the proceeds go to Mermaids UK, a charity that offers family support for transgender children.

All our skincare is gender neutral and we’re grateful to brands like Jecca Blac that show make-up is for everyone too.

Happy International Women’s Day 2023!

Next time you dye your hair, do your skincare routine, or apply your make-up, let’s keep in mind these 5 inspirational women who have changed the beauty industry for the better – because they’re worth it!

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