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2024 Beauty Trend Predictions: What’s the Future of Skincare?

Welcome to the future of skincare! Get ready for the next level of skin health in 2024 with our exclusive beauty trend predictions

Can you believe it’s 2024 already?! Let’s embrace the fresh new vibes by taking a look at the future of skincare with our exclusive 2024 beauty trend predictions.

Skincare has always been a dynamic industry, constantly evolving and adapting to new advancements and consumer demands. From innovative ingredients to groundbreaking technologies, this article unveils the trends that could shape how we care for our skin this year.

Join us as we gaze into the crystal ball and uncover our predictions for the year ahead…

The future of skincare

Here are our top 3 beauty trend predictions for the skincare market in 2024.

  1.     ‘Anti-aging’ will be replaced by ‘skin longevity’

Where anti-aging products are designed to be a quick fix to try and make the skin appear younger, skin longevity is about continually looking after your skin so it’s healthier in the long run.

It’s about strengthening the skin barrier, focusing on skin health from the inside out, and encouraging skin cell repair at a cellular level (which are all things our unique ingredients do!).

This recent movement isn’t just a marketing buzzword. It’s acknowledging that skin health is just as, if not more, important than appearance. It shows the beauty myth that young means beautiful is finally being busted.

  1. They’ll be less filler ingredients and more concentrated products

While Mazillo skincare is 100% free from filler ingredients (including plain water), most brands still use them as their main ingredients. We’re hoping to see this change in the new year.

Beauty routines are becoming increasingly minimalist, as consumers are more mindful about their consumption. The demand for sustainable products keeps increasing and brands need to respond – multiple products that aren’t doing a lot, aren’t going to cut it anymore!

We predict more products that require smaller quantities per application, have less packaging, and provide maximized results, will enter the market.

  1.     Skincare will become a wellness ritual

We know how important skincare is for holistic health and, with Gen Z leading the way, we predict more people will reframe their skincare routine as a wellness ritual.

We predict aromatherapy and self-massage rituals will continue to grow in popularity, while marketing departments will focus less on aesthetics and more on overall wellness.  

Expect to see self-care TikToks and social media posts, where face masks are worn while journaling, and lotions are applied while affirmations are recited.

The Mazillo approach to beauty trends

Here at Mazillo, we have a unique approach to beauty trends, so you can stay ahead of the skincare game, without falling for fleeting fads.

We don’t jump at every new development. We keep our feet in firmly planted in tradition and respect for our homeland, with our arms wide open to embrace new and exciting innovation.

Our skincare elevates ancient remedies with cutting-edge practices, meaning every product has both stood the test of time and is fit for the future.

Watch this space, as we’ll share our new plant-powered products and developments throughout the year!

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